Syncronorm GmbH is pleased to present the 2017 Release of our Depence Software. As with all of our previous versions, this update covers many new stunning features and improvements for Depence and also for the V:Server Software.

The new Release features are:


New I/O Routing with Import/Export

The Routing Window has been made more user-friendly for accessing all Input and Output routing lines. It also now features an Import / Export functionality which is useful if you are using the same setup on different productions.

Timecode Lists

Our new Playlist feature offers a wide range of new possibilities for show automation. You can now trigger multiple show sequences in a playlist via an incoming timecode signal. This is great for running multiple startup or shutdown sequences before and after the final show.

Commands in BMI Logic

We have added more BMI Input command based actions to the system. Any Depence Command can be fired on a BMI input trigger. An Example of one of the new features would be to load a specific sequence and then have the ability to Play, Stop and Pause it via DMX In or Enable/Disable the Scheduler.

BMI Wind Direction

Additionally to the default Wind-Level feature it is also now possible to monitor Wind-Direction. The Wind-Level master constantly calculates the output level depending on the current wind direction and user-definable audience areas.

New BMO Feature

With the new BMO Feature you are able to send out status information data via ArtNET or DMX. This can be used for any external displays or in combination with other systems. Examples of this feature include displaying Sequence Play State or Song Position.

VM Button & Fader on Livepanel

You can now add Buttons and Faders onto a Livepanel Page which can directly manipulate Virtual-Master levels.

Playlists in Scheduler and Livepanel

This powerful new feature allows you to add multiple sequences and Scenes into a playlist which can then be placed into the Scheduler or onto a Livepanel page. This feature can make a complex Startup / Shutdown routine into a simple one button action.

Message Cues within Livepanel

Message-Cue Buttons can now be added onto a Livepanel page which will send out Network or RS232 Message commands to external devices.

Administrator Live-Panel

Livepanel pages can now be selected to be administrator level only which hides them until a passcode is entered.

64-Bit Support

Depence is now also available as a 64-Bit Version to support bigger project file sizes and large shows.

Performance and other Improvements

Modifications have been made to the overall performance and loading times of the system. We have also implemented a new Large Show-Mode which can pre-calculate a full show in order to reduce the loading time on the V:Server to a minimum.

For the full detailed change log click here.

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