Harbin Huahong Plaza Musical Fountain


The HJC Fountain Company which was founded in 1992 were invited by The HuaHong investment Group to design and build the prestigious "Harbin City Fountain Project"

Harbin is the capital and largest city of the Heilongjiang province in the northeastern region of the People's Republic of China. Holding sub-provincial administrative status, Harbin has direct jurisdiction over nine metropolitan districts, two county-level cities and seven counties. Harbin is the eighth most populated Chinese city and the most populated city in Northeast China.

HJC Fountains have been a Syncronorm integrator partner since 2015 and they are the manufacturer of all of the underwater devices used in this project. The Syncronorm team worked very closely with HJC Fountain to train them on our Depence software and hardware products and gave continued support throughout the process.

The Show programmers were able to visualise the entire system which included Water, Fire and Lasers via our V:3D Simulation program which is part of our Depence system.This enabled them to carry out a large amount of pre programming even before the real system had even been constructed. By using our system the HJC team were able to pre program shows for this large project in just 10 days .

Syncronorm GmbH supplied our Depence Control System and everything was run from our V:Server U8. The V:Server runs as the the master control on this system, playing the daily show schedule and also sending out multiple Timecodes to other external systems that control Video and Laser content.


Equipment used:

18 Water& Flame Jets
158 40m Shooting Jets
18  60m Shooting Jets
12 Vario Jets
22 Flame Jets
94 2-axis Moving Jets
30 1-axis Moving Jets
2  Water Screen

1 Syncronorm Depence Control System
1 Syncronorm V:Server U8

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