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Haicang Lake Fountain project - Xiamen


Installed into the sea in the south-east of the People’s Republic of China, Xiamen not only forms a highly modern city but in its core an island apart from the mainland. It is in the Haicang district in which this mammoth project takes place and where technology and aesthetics merge to create a tremendous visual and immersive experience that truly is art. It can be stated that the stunning Haicang Lake Fountain project brings even more beauty in other ways to the gorgeous city of Xiamen or as the locals would express it “Amoy”.

HJC Fountain have been a Syncronorm Integrated Partner since 2015 and have worked on many prestigious projects together as well as very closely on this one. By using the Depence Control System, HJC were able to visualize and start programming the entire project ahead of its construction. We were also able to provide new hardware and software solutions for this challenging project.

The Xiamen Haicaing Lake Fountain project has an overall investment of around 300 million Chinese yuan, (approximately 45 million US dollars). The entire show area covers 380,000 square meters, and the fountain itself takes up 10,000 square meters. With 1,889 different types of fountain nozzles and 500 tons of stainless steel, this forms a gigantic foundation. On top of that, there are 48 x 35,000 lumen video projectors and 1,481 submersible pumps to set everything into motion. Also 600 km of various types of cables are built in this colossal installation. The Xiamen Haicang Lake Fountain project requires a total installed power of 18 megawatts and an actual total operating power of 9,500 kilowatts.

In conjunction with the latest version of Depence, Syncronorm also supplied HJC Fountain with our powerful V:Server U48 to function as the master server control of the entire system. This high performance server supplies up to 48 universes of DMX which sends out data to all the fountains, lasers and video projectors via Artnet.

The whole team at Syncronorm GmbH are very proud to have been a part of the astonishing piece of art which the Xiamen Haicang Lake Fountain project presents.


Further components used in the Xiamen Haicang Lake Fountain project:

1 Depence Ultimate
1 V:Server U48
24 Fanjets
24 Vario Jets
195 Water & Flame Jets
78 Moving Jets
384 Shooting Jets
1036 Matrix Nozzles
32 Super Moving Jets
56 1-axis Nozzles
60 60m Hollow Jets
5206 Underwater LED Lights
24 DMX Lines
195 2.2 KW Pumps
24 4 KW Pumps
1162 5.5 KW Pumps
32 45 KW Pumps
7 55 KW Pumps
61 92 KW Pumps



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