Depence Software

The Showdesign Suite

The Syncronorm Depence Software is a powerful multimedia control and visualization system for creating professional shows for the industry. Depence comes with an unique 3d visualization system which can simulate fountains, laser, video and lighting all in real-time accuracy. The Depence system allows to you design your shows and demonstrate to your clients with efficient and professional results.

With one click, your whole project can be exported to one of our supported hardware devices.


Key Features

  • Modern Userinterface
  • Complete Showdesign System
  • Timeline based programming
  • One-Click Fountain Height adjustments
  • Powerful Effect Engines
  • Full Fixture Library
  • Record and reuse existing shows
  • Timecode synchronization
  • Full RDM capabilities
  • Realtime 3D Simulation
  • Create HQ Video Animations
  • 3D Fountains, Lighting, Lasers and Pyro Rendering
  • Video Projections and Mapping
  • Import 3D Models from Cinema4D, 3DMax
  • Watersurface, Sun and Environment
  • Most realistic realtime fountain simulation
  • Pangolin & Lasergraph DSP Support