4 Channel DMX to Analog Decoder

The SyncroDAC is a Universal Network Decoder to drive electronic control components in a multimedia show environment. The Decoder supports all Major Protocols: Analog (0...10V) or Digital (DSI or DALI). SyncroDAC is the perfect tool to integrate analog VFD´s into a Syncronorm Depence Network as well as to control any 0...10V, 1...10V, DSI, DALI or PWM Output.

The SyncroDAC is a DMX RDM compatible interface and features four DMX personalities. Thus the Decoder can be operated with standard DMX or bidirectional DMX RDM and is fully compatible with the Syncronorm RDM Browser application.

Key Features

  • DMX Demultiplexer
  • 4 Analog/Digital Outputs
  • 4 DMX personalities
  • Full RDM compatible
  • Control analog Frequency Drivers