DMX RDM Booster/Splitter 4x Opto Isolated

The DMX RDM Splitter consists of a DMX IN Data input, one DMX THRU Output and four electrically high isolated DMX OUT data outputs. Since all outputs have individual electrical Isolation, if a defective fixture were to be added this would not affect any other Output.

The SyncroSplit is fully DMX RDM compatible and integrates itself perfectly into the Syncronorm hardware product range. The SyncroSplit communicates bidirectionally and supports E1-20 and E1-37 DMX RDM standards.

Multiple SyncroSplit units can be used in parallel to provide more outputs. Using individual branch discovery, only devices connected to one output are discovered. This reduces the number of logical devices per discovery run, lowering signal noise and speeding up the total discovery process.

Key Features

  • DMX RDM Splitter / Booster
  • 1 DMX RDM Universe, 4+1 Outputs
  • Full RDM compatible
  • Individual optical isolated outputs