DMX-RDM High Power Contact Relay Module 6x

The SyncroSwitch unit features six independently controlable outputs which can be load with 16amps @230V AC (resistive load). This makes the SyncroSwitch a suitable tool for all of your switching needs: High Power, Low Power, Audio or Lighting Signal, Motor Control, Valves or Power of VFD´s. Intelligent internal signal routing, Exclusive switching Options, Momentary or Latching output: Many combinations are possible and can be set from the Syncronorm RDM Browser. The DMX address is set remotely (SyncroTools Address Board required) and stored electronically onto non volatile memory and can be adjusted from the Syncronorm RDM Browser.

Key Features

  • DMX Relay Module
  • 6-Contacts (Contactor)
  • Full RDM compatible
  • 4 selectable trigger level combinations
  • Selectable exlusive mode
  • Selectable monostable mode