Intelligent standalone show controller

The Syncronorm V:Server is our 19" standalone DMX show player which is the perfect choice for larger fountain show installations. V:Server features a fully customizable user interface (Live-Panel), ArtNET, Full RDM Support, Timecode and the Flexible BMI system for any logic sequences.

The V:Server is available as U8 (4096 DMX output channels) and U16 (8192 DMX output channels).



Key Features

  • 8- or 16 DMX Universes Output via ArtNET
  • 4x physical DMX RDM Outputs & 1x Input
  • Easy Show Upload via Ethernet/USB/Internet
  • MODBUS TCP I/O for up to 16 CPU Units
  • Full RDM Support
  • ArtNET I/O
  • SMPTE Input & Output
  • 2x Ethernet connectors to split Internet & Shownet
  • Symetric Stereo Audio Output
  • Full Standalone using Day,- Week-, Yearplanner
  • Touchscreen friendly Live-Panel
  • Sensor Connectivity
  • Powerful DMX Routing System
  • Daytime calculation for automatic lighting control
  • Timecode Master/Slave/Convert using NTC, SNTC, SMPTE
  • Flexible BMI system for any logic sequence
  • Advanced logging system
  • Remote Access via Internet
  • Easy mountable 19" Rack
  • 60GB SSD Harddrive
  • RS232 to send custom ASCII messages
  • Use V:Nano as DMX extension