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Water & Lightshow design

The creative and dynamic Syncronorm Design team, based in our dedicated Design Center, can assist in creating your Musical Fountain Show. By using simple storyboards right through to fully animated multimedia show designs, our team can create concepts and support clients from the initial design stage right through to selecting the best music for their shows.

The Depence system provides endless possibilities with no limits to your creativity in combining water, laser, light and pyrotechnics. When selecting system components and water imagery, our team's vast industry experience is always available to assist you.



We use V:3D to create complete virtual worlds from source material such as photos, CAD plans or we can even create conceptual designs for you. With a large number of tools at our disposal, we are able to model perfect and realistic surroundings.



Through the combination of concept and 3D designs, Syncronorm can create complete professional looking movie quality animations for existing, planned or conceptual systems. The scenes created in this process can also be exported via our hardware to become real life data for your shows. Our animations can be an massive aid at the tender stages of a project where the end client gets to see a professional fully animated show of what their system will actually look like rather than just a flat 2D plan view.

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