training In addition to the onside training provided, we have a regular schedule of more in-depth classroom training session. The classes will lead your staff through the Depence software step by step. Syncronorm instructors begin with the creation of projects and device patching. Students will learn to program shows via the V:PAD Timeline and learn to build complex and realistic 3D simulations with V:3D. Case studies and hands on demo projects are used to teach students many areas of the system in a simple and practical manner.

The training is divided in 2 levels which require different knowledge:


Depence - Choreo

Depence - 3D Expert

  • Safe handling with the Depence Software
  • Functional explanations
  • Device patching and settings
  • Scene creation and effect generator
  • Show creation with timeline
  • Creation of schedule plans
  • Functions and handling of V:Server
  • Safe handling with surface of V:3D
  • Functional explanations
  • Models and water surfaces
  • Quad-View and Editor
  • Tracking shots and Video rendering
  • PostFX and Engine settings
  • Modeling of Terrains with Cinema4D
Duration: 2 days seminar V:PAD & V:3D Duration: 1 day training V:3D, following by Choreo
Safe handling with PC and software, DMX, basic knowledge in water technology

Basic knowledge in 3D programs like C4D, or 3Dmax

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