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blt logoThe contribution of Syncronorm products to our workflow from design to installation of the musical fountains is undeniable. Thanks to Syncronorm Depence and its powerful companion V:3D, we can now communicate our design ideas with our colleagues and our clients visually. We have realized that with the realistic 3D animations V:3D creates for us, our clients need to ask far fewer questions and it takes only a few minutes to finalize our design presentation meeting with a client. Furthermore, creating choreographies for our musical fountains has become a child's play. We can now program our fountains in the comfort of our office or even home and the process is extremely fast as very sophisticated water and lighting effects are only a few clicks away!! And above all, whenever we need support, there is always a polite expert on the other end of the line, not making excuses but finding solutions to our problems. It is good to know we have a partner who knows what we need, sometimes better than we do.

Özgür Caner Filizli | BLT Fountains / Turkey

World Wide Lighting Design

WWLDLogoThe Syncronorm Depence package has given me the facility to demonstrate designs to clients in a way I simply never could before, V3d is amazing for visualizing water concepts and has every other element in there you could wish for as a designer such as Water, Lighting, Fire and Lasers. Alongside the visual element in Depence, VPad is a simple but extremely effective control system. The sequencer makes it so easy to create complex shows in no time. The Syncronorm team are a pleasure to do business with, they listen to your comments and react immediately to your suggestions.

Greg McLenahan | Worldwide Lighting Design

Laserfabrik Showlaser GmbH

logo laserfabrik showlaser
We felt the need of exchanging our existing fountain and multimedia control system, allowing a more flexible and all-in-one control of effects (fountains, lasers, video, lighting) and of generally influencing show-parameters like speed of wind, surveillance of water level and monitoring of eventual failures. Our previous control system was based on a standard lighting console together with a huge variety of analog and automatic control circuits. The Depence solution now allows time code-based video and laser-show playback as well as full remote control of all functions. Even special requirements for an easy-to-access touchscreen solution to be used by entertainment park technicians and local engineers now is available. The great flexibility of assigning DMX addresses and adapting the Depence software package to existing setups is an advantage, which no other available software can provide!

Daniel Brune | managing director of laserfabrik showlaser GmbH

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