One of the main advantages of Depence is the ability to create high impact and breath taking photo realistic animations. Using the powerful Depence 3D Engine you are able to make an animation in the same way as if you were programming a real multimedia show. 3D-Models can be easily imported from programs such as Cinema4D, 3Dmax or Sketch-up. Using high end gaming technologies and GPU rendering features, you can create a very high quality video with very short render times.

  • Win your Project with HQ Videos
  • Render concept animations
  • Photorealistic render engine
  • 3D-Model Import (Cinema4D, 3DMax, Sketchup..)
  • HDR, Bumpmapping, SSAO, Godrays effects
  • Realistic fountain rendering
  • Fountain flames and flame jets
  • Intelligent DMX Lighting
  • LaserAnimation and Pangolin Laser Support
  • Waterscreen & Video Mapping features