Depence makes the show design process easier and more efficient. The many integrated features that have been specially designed for the creation of musical and multimedia fountains power the creation of stunning designs and breathtaking shows.

The Workflow of design can be both easy but complex by using dedicated effects to create Scenes in the Programmer and placing them onto the timeline.


The Programmer


Depence is much more than a classic table-based scene programmer. The multi-layered 2D design surface has instant access to all groups, fixtures and modules. The programmer contains many tools for enhanced selection orders, FX-Generators, Colour-FX, In /Out-Delays and many more features.




The Timeline


The heart of the Depence system is the Timeline. This feature is also very flexible and comes with a many functions that allow you to create millisecond accurate timed shows without the need for any kind of scripting. Scene-Tracks, Multi Scene Tracks, Lighting Colour Tracks and the innovative and powerful ALC-System are just some of the powerful features included.



The Visualizer

V3D2 A major challange for designers in the pre-programming of a show is understanding how the programming will look in the live setup. Depence features a real time accurate and photorealistic multimedia fountain show simulator. V:3D features a large library of effects included from manufacturers including: static, spinning and moving fixtures. As well as water simulation, it also visualizes: intelligent lighting, flame effects, video projection and lasers giving you the ability to see how the project will look before even leaving your office.